Thursday, 26 April 2012

Holmfirth 2011

On the weekend of May 28th 2011, Andrew Sanderson ( organised a photographers gathering in the picturesque Yorkshire villiage of Holmfirth.
During that weekend, I made a number of wet plate portraits of some of the participants.
The magical David Ellwand ( filmed me making one and created this wonderful video of the process.
Thank you, Dave.

All images (c) Marizu Okereke
Video (c) David Ellwand

Here is a scan of the portrait produced.

Other portraits I took that day included the following and all were shot directly on to 5x4 inch glass plates.

This was a wonderful weekend. Many thanks to Andrew Sanderson for organising it and making it happen.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Portrait of Winifred Park

These images reflect a number of shifts which have taken place across the British cultural consciousness over the last century and are embedded in the artefacts and vistas in a centegenarian's home.

The house has been occupied for half a century.

Some items within it had been inherited, some were gifts and others were purchased, but all project the values of their time. Their selection and accumulation reflect the values both embedded in and lost to our culture.

This body of work currently consists of around 40 images.

In March 2012, a selection of images from this body of work were shortlisted for Redeye Network's ( Rob Sara bursary.

All images (c) Marizu Okereke


 Daily Cuppa

Toastie Maker


Bottom Drawer Gifts

 Bathroom Tiles

Accoutrements of Atrophy

Saltburn 150

Saltburn is a friendly seaside resort in the North-East of England.

These photographs were made to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Saltburn-on-Sea (August 2011) by presenting contemporary views of the town using the technologies of the time of its inception.

They are large format wet plate collodion shot direct on to glass plates (ambrotypes) and were originally exhibited at the Saltburn ArtsBank.

All images (c) Marizu Okereke

 Saltburn Alley

Hunt Cliff

Wesleyan Chapel

Seafront Mortuary

Sea View


Our Lady of Lourdes

The Allotments


Saltburn Pier